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The Logo of C. S. I. Madurai-Ramnad Diocese has got its approval in the diocesan council which was held on January 1961 at Shreeveliputhur. In the logo the plain cross which occupies much space and the centre symbolises Jesus Christ who died, resurrected and is living.

The J.H.S. which are engraved in the centre of the cross denotes the first three letters of the Latin phrase “Jesus Hominum Salvator” which means “Jesus the saviour of Humankind”.

The ship which is sailing in the sea denotes the Church which is the body of Christ and the effort of taking the Gospel of Christ as

good news till the farthest end of the Earth.

The fish that is seen in the sea is the sign that the early Christians were having who followed the Lord’s assurance “I will make you catchers of men”. The fish was a Christian symbol. In Greek the word ‘ixthus’ (Ixqus) means fish representing the acrostic “JESUS CHRIST GOD’S SON SAVIOUR”.  We can say it is the affirmation of faith of the early Church.  At the time of persecution, in order to identify each other, “whether he/she believes and professes Christ”, they used to draw the figure of fish with their toe on the earth. If the other person also drew the same figure, they would come to know that the other person were brothers and that they were having the same faith, and would talk freely.  It encourage us to spread this belief of “Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and our Saviour”.

The Bible and the lamp that are seen in the emblem show the knowledge about Jesus Christ and that the Bible alone is the lamp for everyday Christian life.  The Church seen in the symbol even though it is an Indian village Church it was made out of love for Jesus by missionary work, propagating the Christen faith and Church which holds the Bible as daily lamp; it symbolises that it should remain within the Church unity.

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